Creating Calm

An opportunity to learn Qigong and Yo Chi routines (energy & relaxation exercises) to calm and rejuvenate body, mind and soul! Available weekly on Zoom, so you can learn and practice in the comfort and safety of your own environment.

What is Shibashi?

Shibashi is a unique combination of Tai Chi & Qigong movements. It has been described as gentle, flowing Qigong exercises that are very relaxing. It is suitable for all ages and has been shown to increase vital energy, improve agility and flexibility.

Shibashi introduces basic elements of weight shifting, coordination of leg and arm movements, along with controlled breathing. The gentle stretching and releasing, combined with deep relaxed breathing, encourages the release of tension, held deep within the body tissues.

What is Yo Chi?

Marilyn is the creator of Yo Chi, a unique “Moving Meditation” which combines flowing movement and energising practices to release tension and energise your whole being. Yo Chi requires coordination of mind, breath awareness and simple movements which may be done either sitting or standing.

The Benefits of Yo Chi

Improve your metabolism, digestion, and elimination. Yo Chi is great for weight control, youthful appearance, and balanced energy.

  • improves circulation
  • alleviates conditions such as arthritis and chronic fatigue
  • reduces tension and fatigue
  • increases oxygen
  • lubricates your joints for pain-free movement
  • soothes the nervous system
  • improves concentration
  • increases feeling of wellbeing
  • better postural alignment
  • increases energy
  • better sleep
  • increases body flexibility
  • gives your organs an “inner massage” to restore your body systems to healthy functioning
  • stimulates lymph system - builds a stronger immune system
  • develops harmony and balance of the Body, Mind and Spirit!
Yo Chi DVD

Yo Chi DVD

Discover how to use your energy wisely. Practice guided Relaxation and Meditation techniques. Develop physical strength, Feel Revitalised, Energised and Balanced in Body, Mind & Spirit!

It is my great pleasure to share this special and uplifting exercise system with you.

See my YouTube Channel for more Yo Chi DVD clips.