Come and experience a new fun-filled approach to wellbeing in Berry on the South Coast of NSW

Marilyn Martin is an inspiring dance and movement educator and holistic practitioner. Marilyn offers lifestyle/wellbeing coaching as well as Buteyko breathing sessions by Skype.

Marilyn Martin’s life has been a continual learning experience as a student, practitioner and patient. Her passion is sharing her knowledge, wisdom and experience with others, assisting their journey towards self discovery, joy and wellbeing.

Current Events

  • An Introduction to the Healing Arts
    Saturday 17 November 2018 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
    An exploration of simple yet profound practices that can be used for your own self healing or learned to help others, including Shamanic grounding and cleansing practice, Yo Chi, Stone medicine healing and Sacred singing bowls sound bath.

  • Creating Calm Workshops - Berry
    4th Sunday of the month from 4pm-5.15pm in 2018 Workshops exploring Centring and Relaxation techniques to calm Body, Mind and Soul.
    Dates and More information are given on the Wellbeing page.

Past Events

  • Living Joyfully - Wilton Weekend Retreat
    Friday 20th July to 2pm Sunday 22nd July, 2018
    Happiness and contentment come when we fulfil our potential. What gets in the way of you reaching your potential?
    Rediscover creative ways to express your inner being joyfully through mediation, Yo Chi, joyous dance and good company.

  • Am I Living my Best Life? - Figtree Meditation Centre
    Thursday 8th March 2018 7pm-8.30 pm Marilyn used her Crystal Singing Bowls for meditation and offered easy movement with Chair Yoga. Her wisdom from personal experience and spiritual practice will flow through the session. 6.50pm arrival for Meditation at 7pm. Topic 7.30-8.30pm