Sit/Stand - Be Fit

Uplifting Senior Classes

Sit/Stand – Be Fit is an inspirational form of yoga that can be done whilst sitting on a chair or standing, using the chair for support.

You will Improve flexibility, strength and vitality without having to get down on the floor. Stretch and strengthen your body without strain, improve your balance and increase your fitness.

Program includes flexibility & strength training, Chair Yoga dancing, balance, breathing & relaxation exercises. Enjoy getting fitter, work at own pace. No lying on the floor.

Achieve better balance, improved posture, less joint pain, prevent falls, a stronger body and a relaxed mind.

Senior Fitness Classes

(except the first one of each month)
9.30am - 10:30am
$85 for 5 classes ($17 per class)
Casual class $20
Wesley Hall, Berry Uniting Church
77 Albert Street, Berry NSW
Email or 0412 244 735

The Benefits of Sit/Stand – Be Fit Classes

  • improves core strength
  • increases flexibility
  • helps reduce stress
  • increases vitality & wellbeing
  • improves balance/stability which helps with falls prevention
  • improves mental health and positive feelings
  • promotes better breathing & oxygen uptake
  • helps with chronic pain management and the management of health problems such as arthritis, depression, diabetes, coronary heart disease
  • improves sleep quality
  • opportunity for socialising - making new friends
  • improves concentration
  • suitable for mature bodies and those who haven’t exercised for a while
  • improves posture and mobility
  • age is no barrier to your participation
  • relaxes body and mind

Well done Marilyn… just soo good… you spread such joy to soo many people. Thank you, I for one enjoy your classes a great deal… I walked up a set of stairs yesterday, one step after the other, not one at a time. Have been unable to do that for donkeys years. Have leg muscles back! I appreciate your time and expertise.

— S.E Shoalhaven